Double Eccentric Type Butterfly Valve

Our impressive range of Double Eccentric Butterfly valves includes Resilient and Metal Seated Valves in EN558 series 13 & 14 and BS5163, with both Aluminium Bronze and Stainless Steel Discs, in ranges DN150 to DN1200 as standard. We are fully capable of the production of DN5000 product on request. All valves are available with Hand wheel, gearbox or actuation to your specifications.

We offer fully WRAS approved EPDM and NBR materials up to DN2800 bi-directional, with other sizes to DN5000 pending.

With the Utilities Valves tradition of Innovation and development, we would like to introduce you to the UV Resilient Seated Double Eccentric butterfly valve in ranges DN150 to DN5000.


  • Manufactured in GGG50 with a variety of shaft and trim materials for service conditions.
  • Market leading innovation and design in terms of corrosion protection and disc to shaft security.
  • This product features double key way and double pin, to both stub shafts for total protection against mechanical forces and anti-flutter.
  • Robust valve design in all respects of body, shaft and disc design, with streamlined low head loss anti flutter contour.
  • Strong Gearbox design to IP67 or IP68 for buried and submersible service.
  • High Grade materials – Seat Ring, Seal Retaining Ring and Shaft materials are selected for service conditions from 304/316 to 316L to Super Duplex.
  • Entire valve construction option in Bronze and Duplex/Super Duplex, placing UV as one of few to offer this technology and manufacturing capability

Unique Features

Seal Ring Locking & Corrosion Protection

Double Keyway & Pins, Shaft/Disc Connection for Added Security

Shaft Encapsulation from Flow Media & Corrosion Protection

Sealing Ring Adjustment & Corrosion Protection

Disc Lock-Block with Keyway, in any position