Specialist valves flying the flag for classic British design & technology

Posted by admin on Feb 26, 2014 in News | No Comments

In recent news Utilities Valves have agreed to jointly manufacture and globally market a range of high quality specialist valves, including superb British Designed Free Acting Swing Check Valves with Multiple Door available to DN1800 with up to four sequentially opening doors, designed to ensure excellent “non-slam” closure performance  under servere flow reversal conditions, with low “head loss” proven over 60 years of global installation, using tried and tested, high quality, British designs

The range also includes Needle valves designed for use in severe differential pressure conditions this product has market leading Larner Johnson technology to lead the way. This advanced technology includes Fixed Cone discharge Valves used in the world’s largest Dams to control release of high velocity outflows and Submerged Discharge Valves for the controlled release of high volumes of water from major installations.

UV CEO Mr Peter Woodward Stated “ This is market defining technology, bringing together high quality British designed products to promote and maintain British manufacturing jobs!”