Penstocks & Stop Logs


To increase our range still further we offer a superb range of Penstocks from 200mm to 2000mm sizes, designed for 0.6 bar on-seating and off-seating head. We can also offer a project specific door design according to your static- head requirements. These are suitable for numerous isolation and flow control applications including: water and wastewater treatment, industrial effluent, flood control and also hydro-electric projects.

Frame mounted EPDM double wiper side and soffit seals, door mounted EPDM invert seal. All our seals are mechanically fixed and easy replaceable in-situ. They can be fitted in two ways, either direct wall fixing or an on or off-seating channel rebate fixing method.

Stop Logs

As an alternative option, stop logs offer a cost effective solution for temporary flow diversion during maintenance or for the creation of a weir wall. Used in a wide variety of installations including flood control achieving single spans of up to 6 metres. Both frame and logs are available in 304 & 316 grade stainless steel to your requirement.

We can arrange full installation and in-field testing of this product range to your requirements using our team of trained engineers.