Submerged Discharge Valves

Also known as a “Vertical Sleeve Type” Valve, this product is custom designed for high liquid volume service conditions when Low Discharge Noise is a requirement and/or when space is at a premium the Submerged Discharge valve is an ideal choice.

With a working pressure typically up to 20 bar and size ranges from DN200 to DN1800 in  ’Ductile’ Iron and Cast steel as standard.

Features and Benefits:


  • Low Discharge Noise Levels
  • High Discharge Capacity (K = 1.62)
  • Low Velocity Discharge Capability (up to 6.2 m/sec)
  • Minimum Space Required for Discharging Flow
  • No Stilling Basin requirement
  • Balanced During Operation
  • Various Discharge Ports
  • Low Maintenance and Long Life


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