Technical Services

Valve Refurbishment

Until recently the detailed inspection of an operational valve required removal from the pipeline and disassembly before examination could take place, leading to costly system downtime.

At Utilities Valves we offer the use of unobtrusive examination techniques including ultrasonic testing, allied to a tried and tested procedure of internal valve inspection utilising endoscopic video equipment, allowing access to the valve whilst in-situ.

All results can be video recorded to support refurbishment recommendations allowing us to save our clients a considerable amount of money.

To facilitate this we have a team of fully qualified, confined space trained, Valve Refurbishment Engineers in locations across the UK, trained to perform complete on-site technical assessment of in- line valve condition and viability of valve reconditioning at our specialist workshops.

We also offer on-site repair services or agreed retrofitting of gearboxes or actuation devices, which can assist your decision of repair or replacement and control costs.

Within our UK valve manufacturing facilities we are able to carry out full refurbishment of most designs of valve old or new. This includes any type and size of valve from small to very large diameter Gate and Butterfly valves.

We have the ability to repair and refurbish highly sophisticated flow and pressure control valves, using our extensive technical background in valve manufacture.

On Site Services & Valve Commissioning

In addition to our valve refurbishment services, we can supervise valve installation and we regularly undertake commissioning of various types of actuated or more specialist valves.

These include automatic, hydraulic and weighted closure valves, plus commissioning and handover of various types of larger needle or plunger control valves.

In difficult site access conditions, our Engineers are able to complete assembly of partially built valves on location. At Utilities Valves we strive to offer our customers a total economic solution from new valve supply to refurbishment and on-site valve maintenance and commissioning.