Air Release Valves

At Utilities Valves we offer an excellent range of air release valves for most applications. We have single, double and triple function versions in Ductile Iron GGG50 with Stainless Steel and Aluminium Bronze Trim suitable for both clean water and sewage applications. All products are produced in accordance with BS EN 1074-4 at PN10/16/25/40 pressure rating in sizes DN40 to DN500.


Key and innovative features

  • Double Acting – Large & Small Orifice Air Valve
  • Automatic Release & Intake of Big Air Volumes
  • Accumulated Small Air Release Under Pressure
  • Large & Small Orifice Seats – Aluminium Bronze
  • Resilient Orifice Seals EPDM
  • Ball Float Stainless Steel
  • Internal Float Mechanism Aluminium Bronze or Stainless Steel

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