Dismantling Joints

To enhance our pipeline products offering we offer a range of Dismantling Joints designed to provide additional flexibility at both the planning and installation stages of pipeline systems. Adjustability is provided by the combination of a flange adaptor and flanged spigot and tie bars in an assembled unit, with up to 50mm of longitudinal movement available within the flange adaptor.

This allows greater adjustment length at the design stage, fast and simple maintenance of valves, pumps and pipeline components and simplifies future pipework connections.
Our product range is available in multiple materials in both Cast and Fabricated form, with all parts subject to fusion bonded epoxy coating, pressure rated PN10/16/25 in size ranges from DN50 to DN4000. Bolts and bars are in BS4190 galvanised as standard with stainless steel also available. Flanges are ISO2532 with BS EN1092-2, BS10 and ANSI versions subject to the project requirements.

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