Gate Valves

At Utilities Valves we offer a wide range of Resilient and Metal Seated Gate Valves available in Flanged and Socket ends, spanning a size range of DN40 to DN1400 and pressure ratings of PN10, PN16, PN25 and PN40. Larger sizes on application.

Resilient Seated EPDM or NBR fully encapsulated wedge and Metal Seated wedge & body seat rings option of Stainless Steel, Aluminium Bronze or Gunmetal. From DN350 we offer a bypass valve option to complete our comprehensive gate valve range.
In satisfying the Market’s demands for both quality and competitive pricing we provide two RSGV specifications both of which are fully compliant with EN1074 pt 1-2 (BS5163 pt 1 Type B). Both the “ Flagship” UV RSGV and an “Alternative lower cost Type B” RSGV.
The UV “Flagship” product has been developed offering a new generation of patented Resilient Seated Gate Valves with ultra – low closing torque and integral low friction guides featuring “Multi – Seal technology, available in sizes DN40 to DN300, rated PN10/16.

Key and innovative features    

  • Ultra Low Torque Closure – Reduced risk to valve & operator
  • Multi-Seal© Wedge – Tight shut off & Low torque operation
  • Integral Low Friction Guides – Low torque – reduced wear
  • Superior, WRAS approved, Rubber Technology – Exceeds EN681-1 mechanical performance
  • Stem seals replaceable under full pressure – In service seal replacement
  • Additional primary stem seals – Ultra long life stem sealing

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